Quickbooks Online Update

It’s time for an update with Quickbooks Online. First, I am pleased to say that I have noticed an increase in the response time from the Intuit servers, and data entry time is definitely faster. Secondly I have heard from my Intuit rep that QBO (Quickbooks Online) will be adding a “back-up” like feature that can show a snapshot in time for the company you are working on. This will eliminate one of my major complaints for QBO. The redesigned reports have also made reading financial information much easier than before.

All in all Intuit seems to be listening, and QBO has become a product that I am happy to recommend. If you need the ability to access your accounting from multiple locations, or use an apple computer Quickbooks Online is a great product. Like any software it needs to be well set up. As a Quickbooks Online Certified ProAdvisor I can help you get your company up and running, or help you with any problems if you get stuck.


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