The clarity of an amazing run!

In my world the thing to do when you have problems to solve is to sleep on it then puzzle them out on an awesome trail run. This morning I went for an amazing run along the Puntlage River starting at the Comox Lake Dam then running back to my house. I find a run to be very meditative and it often brings clarity to any thing (or things) that have been buzzing around in my head. I had more things than normal buzzing around in my head after a fantastic afternoon on Friday catching up with my colleagues at Leading Ledgers in Parksville. Christian and Tania are amazing and if you live in the Parksville area and need a great bookkeeping firm please go see them! There was a light dusting of snow on the ground and it was cool in the forest, but the air was rich and heady with the smells of the forest and forest was as fascinating as normal. After a few Km’s I was warm and my body working hard enough that my mind relaxed and wouldn’t you know it but solutions started to drop into my mind. After that run I am looking forward to changing direction on a number of my projects at work and trying new ideas on working with my great team of bookkeepers.  Amazing what a frosty morning run will do!


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