We Love Apps!

Apps are what make our world go round, and in our world it’s all about automation.

Did you know? If you put #note your text #note in the first line of the body of any email forwarded to your Hubdoc account, Hubdoc will turn the text into a note for us to easily read!

QuickBooks Online
Progress invoicing is here! A feature we have been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. You can now create an estimate in QBO and bill only portions of the estimate leaving the reminder to be billed at another time!
Other Apps we’re keen on

There are many apps that we use with our clients at Bear Hill Bookkeeping. Some of them are: Plooto (payments processing), Payment Evolution (advanced payroll solutions), TSheets (state-of-the-art time clock), Shoppify (online retail store), Square (retail POS system), and many more. Ask us about what Apps may benefit your business!

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