Building digital bookkeeping systems.

The pace of change in the accounting industry these days is staggering to say the least! Every day there seems to be a new article about a new initiative or app that will “revolutionize” the way you manage your business. This can be overwhelming and even intimidating. Luckily my team and I have been building digital bookkeeping systems for our clients for over 4 years now.

There are so many great tools to write about, but probably my most favorite is the read-only feeds from the banks to the accounting software like Intuit’s QuickBooks Online. This powerful feature allows companies to know instantly where their bookkeeping is at, and stay fully reconciled to the current day. Most bank feed systems have the ability to write “rules” which allow the accounting professional to automate much of the entries into your books. Even better is combining the bank feed with a digital document storage and processing app like Hubdoc.

To keep abreast of all of the changes and understand the way the technology can be applied to the rules of accounting, my team and I are constantly training on new systems and exploring new way to build connections. We the apply our knowledge to build you a cutting edge modern accounting system. Call us today to book a free consultation!

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