Introducing WayPay

After the recent pricing changes from Plooto we’ve been on the search for a new payments processing platform. After many demos and lots of conversation we’re happy to announce WayPay as our choice! WayPay is a made in Canada solution complete with Canadian support teams. It fully integrates with QuickBooks Online and is able to import open bills for payment.

WayPay will debit your bank with the payment and can send it to your supplier in a number of formats including Pre-Authorised Deposits and an Interac e-Transfer like payment. WayPay can even make Utility and CRA payments! WayPay also has the ability to make authorization tiers and fully supports two-to-sign bank accounts making it a great choice for non-profits.

WayPay was recently acquired by RBC and rumours abound about RBC wanting to take on Interac e-Transfers with WayPay! There is no doubt that we can expect great things from this app in the future. Contact us today to ask how your business or organization can benefit from WayPay.

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