Moving your team to the cloud?

Moving your team to the cloud for the first time can be intimidating and daunting. Bear Hill Bookkeeping has been living and working in the cloud for years and we want to share with you what has worked for us, and that can be summed up in one word and one number, Office 365!

After trying just about every productivity app on the market, the Microsoft Office 365 suite really stands out for for keeping our team productive and on the same page no matter where we are working. We call each other during the day using the Teams app to video chat about questions or about our tasks. While chatting we can look at the same spreadsheet (saved to OneDrive) and even see where each other’s cursor is on the sheet to know we are both looking at the same thing.

We use an often overlooked app called OneNote to organize our company wide notes on everything from a general knowledge base to client specific pages. All tasks created in OneNote can sync with our Outlook Tasks and keep us on track for all our client work. This is really only the beginning though. Microsoft does an amazing job with this suite and the Canadian price point is great.

If you want to learn more or ask questions about how we organize our business online please reachout to us. We are happy to share our experience with Office 365 and also with the other apps we have tried.


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