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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19

I wanted to take a moment to reach out and assure all our clients and any future clients, that Bear Hill Bookkeeping is well prepared to deal with the disruptions that are being caused by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). As…

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Do you… Slack!

More and more business are connecting their teams using instant messaging services like Slack. We love instant messaging! If you use Slack with your team or want to join our Slack group send us an email!

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Firms Of The Future Embrace The Power Of The Cloud

Great Article in the Huffington Post from the CEO of Intuit Canada, Jeff Cates: Firms Of The Future Embrace The Power Of The Cloud. Bear Hill Bookkeeping specializes in planning and executing migration to cloud accounting systems. Through careful consultation with…

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Accountant Jokes

Well the busy season in Accounting is upon us and i’d thought i’d try to lighten the load with some great accountant jokes courtesy of More to come, enjoy! 1. How does an accountant stay out of debt? He…

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What’s the One Task Most Small-Business Owners Loathe?

Great article on business owners and their relationship with bookkeeping at Entrepreneur Magazine. The article talks about a survey by TD bank of business owners that put bookkeeping as their least favorite business task. From the article: Bookkeeping can be hard….

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Bookkeeping Practise Relaunch

I have been working the past year for one of Canada’s largest public accounting firms, but as of this April I have decided to return to private practise and focus on the clientele I enjoy. Small to medium businesses in…

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