Bear Hill Bookkeeping


Ready for more clients!

I have just about finished 5 months of Bear Hill Bookkeeping in the Comox Valley, and they have been some of the very best of my accounting career. A big thank you to my current clients and the people of…

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A Review of QuickBooks Online

I have been using the Canadian version of QBO (QuickBooks Online) for four months now with one of my clients and I thought now would be a good time to write a quick review. First let me tell you what…

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Remote bookkeeping and accounting?

Do you live out of the reach of normal bookkeepers? Many business on Vancouver Island are either tucked into a remote community or a small community that is lacking in accounting services. Bear Hill Bookkeeping offers many services to help…

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Bookkeeping Practise Relaunch

I have been working the past year for one of Canada’s largest public accounting firms, but as of this April I have decided to return to private practise and focus on the clientele I enjoy. Small to medium businesses in…

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