Bookkeeping is dead! Automation is in!

Well not quite but just about! While manual data entry isn’t completely eliminated yet, it’s getting closer every year. The process of automating bookkeeping data entry has been in the works for many years now and most of the major accounting software companies such as Intuit, have introduced powerful automation tools to their software. It’s not about the accounting platform however, but all about the app ecosystem that can build the system your organization needs and automate much of the bookkeeping process.

Imagine, a bill from a supplier arrives to your email and is automatically forwarded to your payables processing system like Hubdoc. Hubdoc scans the bill and based on rules, auto publishes it to the accounting platform, like QuickBooks Online. A payment system like Plooto, imports the bill from the accounting platform and once approved by the signing officers, sends the payment directly from your bank, automatically posting the completed payment back to QuickBooks Online. This level of automation is here today and is what Bear Hill Bookkeeping specializes in!

I am certified in the latest apps and systems like QuickBooks Online, Hubdoc, TSheets, Wagepoint, Plooto and other modern cloud accounting apps. When not certifying with a cool app, I am constantly researching and investigating new apps and systems so you don’t have to! Contact me today to get started with a free consultation.


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